Mo Chhatira wallpaper Song Lyrics – Ole Ole Dil Bole Movie Song | Jyoti & Jhilik

mo chhatira wallpaper lyricsMo Chhatira Wallpaper Song Lyrics : This song is from Odia Movie Ole Ole Dil Bole,Song is sung by Sabisesh & Ananya,Lyric written by Basantaraj Samal,music composed by Prem Anand

Song- Mo Chhatira wallpaper
Sung By- Sabisesh & Ananya
Lyrics- Basantaraj Samal
Music- Prem Anand

Mo Chhatira wallpaper song is starring by Jyoti and Jhillik,Listen this song and Enjoy….!


Mo Chhatira Wallpaper Lyrics

Aa tate karidebi mo chhatire Wallpaper…wallpaper
Aa tate karidebi mo ratira screen sever…screen sever
Mo halata jebe dekhi dela
Dunia sara halla gula
Mate kuade heigala..heigala..heigala
Love fever…Love fever
Love fever…Love fever

Ta bina e dewana parena..parena..jeen parena
Ta bina e dewana parena jeen parena
Ta bina mu hasena kandena kandena .. ta bina
Ta bina mu hasena kandena ta bina
Ta rangare jebe rangeilu
Chhatire jebe tangeilu
Mate uthei pakeila pakeila pakeila
Love fever…Love fever
Love fever…Love fever

Ta bina bhabana …paena paena bata paena
Ta bina mu bhabena paena bata paena
To bina mo thikana …milena…milena.. tori bina
To bina mo thikana milena to bina
Ta premare jebe sajeilu
Swapnare jebe hajeilu
Mate kuade nacheila
Love fever…Love fever
Love fever…Love fever

Mo Chhatira Wallpaper- Music Video


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